How do I brief my stand builder?

13 November 2018

Thanks to a structured briefing document, COM2COM ensures that the stand of your dreams will be ready 24 hours before it is needed. You can find our practical briefing document here.

Is a briefing necessary?

A briefing is crucial for building your stand. A thorough briefing clarifies what your desires and needs are. COM2COM helps you identify those desires and needs. This is how we are able to design your dream stand and make it a reality. And the entire stand will be ready 24 hours before the start of the expo. 

What should I consider during a briefing?

First, consider the narrative you want to relate to your visitors. Why are you at the expo? What message do you want to bring across? These are essential questions that decide what impression you want your stand to evoke. And you also need to consider practical factors and the budget. You need to consider a huge number of issues when you want your expo stand to be built for you! COM2COM makes this easier by including all of these issues in a practical document. 

Need help?

Do you – ahead of time, ahead of stress – want to participate in an expo? If so, you can download our briefing document here to take you one step closer to your dream stand.


If you have any questions please contact us.
briefing document

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