How a stand builder rolled out the red carpet for its customer in Cannes

14 July 2020

COM2COM is active all over Europe and even further afield. A leading player on the international event market is  Absolute Blue, with its headquarters in Luxembourg. In 2019, Absolute Blue took care of the brand activation for MasterCard at the Cannes Film Festival. And to make that an absolute success in all the colours of the rainbow, it teamed up with COM2COM for stand development and building, supervision and aftercare.

The operational director of Absolute Blue, Patrick Nassogne, does not hide his enthusiasm under a bushel – or under the stand, for that matter.

What does Absolute Blue do, and how does COM2COM facilitate it?

Absolute Blue activates brands and organises marketing events with a focus on experience. We help our customers to get their target groups to interact with their brand, product or service in a very sensory manner. That is the strongest way to get your message across. The goal is always to strengthen our customers’ image and boost their sales figures. Clients such as Roland Garros, the UEFA Champions League or Venice Arts Festival choose us because of our creativity, effectiveness and prompt delivery.  

To make that happen, we need reliable, independent partners. Our competitors tend to keep the whole process in house, from strategy to physical delivery. As we see it, however, that results in a loss of focus on the strategy behind brand activation. We believe that we are good at designing and monitoring that strategy, but that it is better to entrust an external expert with its implementation.

We have collaborated with many European suppliers in the past but, after years of experience, COM2COM has more than fulfilled our needs, time and time again: they are completely independent and discreet, always come up with fantastic stand building concepts and they always deliver comfortably ahead of time, without pestering us for unnecessary quality controls. That really does help us to go the extra mile for our customer.

How did you come into contact with COM2COM?

I was personally acquainted with one of COM2COM’s partners, Pitchoun. I met them at an event we were organising in Africa.

Why do you prefer COM2COM to its competitors?

Actually it was COM2COM that approached us first. And I wanted to give them a chance with an assignment. COM2COM accepted eagerly, without hesitation. My first experience with them was an immediate success, and they have continued to meet that high standard through the years.

What are the key requirements that you have for your ‘stand builder’ as a marketing agency working for a giant like MasterCard?

MasterCard is a very demanding customer. After we have fine-tuned our strategy, though, they mainly want to focus on their core business, and rely on the autonomy of everyone in the production and event chain. They want their stand to be completely up and running a day before the event begins, no matter what. I say ‘stand’, but that really is an understatement for the architectural constructions they ultimately end up showing at those events. So that is why we can sleep soundly at night when we are working with COM2COM: whatever happens, they will fix it; they are well organised and the results will be there at the time when we asked for them. 

What pleasant surprises have you had while working with COM2COM?

On top of all the credentials I have provided above, I can also trust them absolutely to manage their costs. I really don’t enjoy cost management myself, to be honest. But when we work with COM2COM, I don’t have to worry about that at all. The price is the price, and they can prove or justify everything. They are not the cheapest option, but they do offer excellent reliability. And that makes all the difference for me. 

Can you give an example of an occasion when COM2COM took away a customer’s concerns?

Well... to be honest they do that all the time. I never need to intervene in development or production issues. And this is an important quality that I really appreciate, and I had not found it with any of our previous partners. They are very, very dedicated to getting the results we asked for. And I have saved so much time thanks to their independent way of working, which doesn’t require endless consultations.

Are you dreaming of the possibilities of choosing COM2COM for you or your customer? To whet your appetite, join us on a quick trip to the Cannes Film Festival!

What is stopping you from getting on board with COM2COM for the journey of a lifetime? Contact us now for your successful participation in an exhibition or event!

MasterCard client story

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