Three exhibit systems available for your perfect stand

22 February 2018

Wood or a modular system? At COM2COM there's no need to choose. Combine the best of wood, beMatrix and Octanorm and enjoy the stand of your dreams, delivered 24 hours before the trade fair opens.

While exhibition stands might be temporary, they do have to leave a lasting impression. Your stand's success is determined by a number of different factors, from assembly time to appearance. At COM2COM you can count on our expertise in the three exhibit systems. The one used depends on the purpose and look you have in mind for your exhibition stand.

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It's the classic medium used to build a stand, and as a natural material it can be processed to your own specifications. What this boils down to is that our use of wood is customised from A to Z. This is why wooden stands immediately draw everyone’s attention. Moreover, they are sturdy, which makes them safe too.

Take a look at our final products for inspiration.


This is an innovative system developed by the global Flemish player that bears the same name. Aluminium profiles create the skeleton of the exhibition stand, with panels or textiles that can be attached to the front. The seamless structure ensures a sleek look. The other major advantage of beMatrix is the flexibility it offers. It's a modular, versatile system that is quick to assemble and break down and can be recycled an unlimited number of times. 


This system is used all over the world and was invented by the German company bearing the same name. Panels made in standard dimensions slide into the octagonal support beams. It’s quick, relatively simple and high-quality. The major advantage: put your confidence in COM2COM as an OSPI partner and rest assured that your stand will be assembled anywhere in the world in exactly the same way without additional investment of time or money. 



Would you prefer an Octanorm frame with wooden details for the finish? Or how about a wooden stand with beMatrix frames? COM2COM designs and builds your stand to measure, using a custom system. That means the options are unlimited, whether you opt to go for a single system or for the perfect mix.

Do you have specific plans for a trade fair? Why not have one of our design experts provide you with advice on the options available.


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